What Type of Flowers Should be in Your Home

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Ah the fresh and floral smell of a new bouquet of flowers in your home, what could be better? We all know that sometimes our homes need that oomph, that special touch to finish off the look and appeal of a room – and it’s a great excuse to go get your wife or loved one a nice present ‘just because’.

With that being said, not all flowers are best suited for the indoors and don’t have the right ‘curb appeal’ that will add value and freshness to your home. You also don’t want to clutter your space even more than it already is. Determine where the flowers are going to go – on a table with other items – go for a single stem flower. If the said area is plain and you want to make a statement add a bunch to fill the empty space. However, make sure your flower colours are in tune with your decor and the interior of your home – nothing is worse than clashing colours in a room (when it doubt white is the perfect go too).

Here are our flower suggestions that we know you can’t go wrong with:

– cherry blossoms: super pretty and dainty, and they only are here for a few short months
– white roses: a classic, a choice that never fails and goes well in any room
– orchids: gorgeous on their own, these tall and elegant plants scream classy
– geranium: a super easy to care for flower, dainty and oh so pretty
– jasmine: the scent that comes off these little guys is dreamy and they love bright light
– african violet (come in many different colours): low maintenance, and work well in dim-light
– lilies: one of the prettiest and easiest to grow – they also have an air-purifying quality (bonus points) * beware this plant is toxic to kids and pets.

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