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At our Coquitlam project we had a firm timeline of 90 days, and finished construction in just 37. In that time, we were able to remove, design and install the main floor. And, so the home owners could enjoy their view, we started the project with the 16-foot bi-folding patio door.

Project scope


When renovating the main floor we had to make significant structural changes. One of the benefits of choosing Keen Construction is the expertise of our team members, including a building inspector. Ensuring the safety of your family as we redefine the place you call home.


We focus on working with clients, to make their house into their home. On this project we even added a hand crafted Star Wars themed copper sink. We are all about constructing lively spaces, designed to reflect the life you live.

Architecture & Structural

Although we were able to complete the project quickly, a lot went into the redesign of the main floor. We added and removed windows, doors, and other openings, to maximise the enjoyability of the space, including the magnificent view.

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