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Fort Langley

One of the oldest settlements in British Columbia, Fort Langley is known for its heritage homes and traditional architecture. We took an older house and brought it to the modern, retaining its traditional french heritage look at the customer’s request. At the end of the project, the home was given a look truthful to the area and the family was given a space that granted all their wishes. The entire project came in under budget and before the final deadline.

Project scope


As part of upgrading the home, we added a rentable suite. The suite included vital layout planning to meet housing requirements. Adding a rentable suit often requires changes to the buildings structure and foundation.


An active family of four moved into the home, and along with them, all their stuff. Storage was crucial to the family and we were able to design their home to solve their needs. When redesigning the kitchen, cabinets, and stairs we were able to carve more storage space into the original floor plan.

Architecture & Structural

In staying true to the area, we brought in custom millwork and made external modifications to the frame of the building. Renovating a considerable amount of the home, we put our carpentry skills on display, protecting the traditional look and feel of the home while embodying it with a modern twist on the original.

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