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How to Buy a Vacant Lot for Custom Home Building


You have your finances in order and are ready to build a custom home, but where do you start? Buying a piece of land for custom home building requires significant consideration. When you choose custom home building, you need to find a vacant lot that has yet to be developed. Before you start to look, there are some things you should avoid. Let’s discuss everything you need to know about buying a vacant lot to start the custom building process. 

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a Vacant Lot for Custom Home Building

As with any other significant purchase, you’ll need to research before looking for open land. Here are some great tips to consider before buying:

1. Check Zoning Codes

Just because you’ve found the perfect piece of land doesn’t mean it’s suited for the custom home building process. Zoning laws are strictly enforced throughout BC, so you’ll need to check the zoning codes before purchasing. Specific codes will be required for the kind of lot you want to buy. For example, some lots are designed to be for commercial use only. There are also certain property type classifications that you’ll need to consider depending on the specifics of your build. Talk to your custom home builders to ensure you’re buying a piece of land adequately zoned for your needs. 

2. Don’t Talk to the Neighbors

Of course, you want to be a good neighbor when your project is complete. But until then, don’t talk to the neighbors before you buy. Many times, long-standing residents are sentimental about the open land and beautiful scenery provided by vacant lots. Since they might not want to see a new home built next door, they may attempt to sway potential buyers out of their purchase. Talking to the neighbors before you buy can turn you away from the perfect piece of land simply because they turn out potential flaws that might not even exist. 

If you want to build a friendly relationship with your neighbors, wait until you start the custom home building process. Let them get used to the idea of you being their new neighbor. If you want more information on the land and the neighborhood, there are more reliable ways to get your information. Start by talking to your custom home builders. 

3. Don’t Forget to Discuss Utilities and Access

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Most custom home building projects require the construction team to make access to public utilities. Remember to be friendly and cordial to ensure you get the necessary access. You’ll need to check availability for access to water, electricity, and other utilities before you buy. You may even need to negotiate with surrounding landowners if you need easements to their property during construction. 

4. Check the Surrounding Area Before You Buy

Think about why you’ve chosen the custom home building process. Do you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Are you looking for more fresh air and open skies? Since you may experience some of the things you’re trying to get away from in your new land, you’ll need to thoroughly check the surrounding area before buying. Look for anything that can contribute to noise pollution, such as railroad tracks, shooting ranges, and other loud areas. 

5. Obtain a Survey

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While you won’t be able to obtain your own survey until you at least have a title agreement, it’s best to have a professional survey done as soon as possible. This will show you exactly where the property lines are for the land. It will also identify any surprises, such as neighbors or businesses encroaching on your property and current easements. Talk to your custom home building company to ensure you have all the answers before you proceed. 

6. Trust Your Custom Home Building Company

Before you even begin shopping for vacant land, find a custom home builder that you trust. They can provide the guidance and support you need to make the right choices when choosing your location. They can also answer questions about the land, the area, and building or zoning restrictions. 

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Before you start shopping for your vacant lot, there are several things to consider. At KEEN Construction, we help you make the right decisions toward the perfect dream home. Take the stress out of the custom home building process by working with our knowledgeable team. Contact us today to work with the most dedicated custom home building company in BC


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