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Steps to a Kitchen Renovation


An outdated kitchen can feel drab, gloomy, and minimize value if you are trying to sell. It can be updated with a few simple, low-budget projects which can freshen it up and add value to your home for future homebuyers. There are a few essential steps to a kitchen renovation as follows.

Repainted Cabinets

A simple way to update your cabinets is to sand them down and repaint them or give them a good wooden stain. You’d be surprised at high much this can drastically change the look and ambience of your kitchen. Start by picking a colour scheme and adapting your other small projects around it

Updated Hardware

Updating the outdated hardware on the pull drawers and cabinets can make a world of a difference in finishing up their refresh. This can add a modern touch an make your kitchen look completely different than what you initially started with.

Painted Seating

Repaint your seating. If you have old honey-coloured kitchen barstools or dining room chairs, they can easily be repainted in your newly-chosen colour scheme. Paint each chair in a different colour or pick one cohesive colour palette, the choice is yours!

New Backsplash

Outdated backsplash with built-up dirt in the grouting can bring down the look of a kitchen immensely. Older tiles from the ’50s-’70s tend to be brown, yellow or mustard yellow in colour, colours that can close in a room alter its ambience. Replace it with fresh, light colours or white, helping to reflect light throughout the entire kitchen.

Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting will add an extra layer of light to your kitchen renovation. Only keep them on at night for a candle-lit feel, or turn them on for extra light while you are cooking. They can brighten up your space and make for a cool vibe for a party.

A Patterned Area Rug

A cozy area rug can make winters warmer and softer on your feet, it can hide an ugly and outdated floor, and add old stains or marks on your floor.

Wall Art

Wall art can distract from an outdated kitchen and hide holes, chipped paint or peeling wallpaper. A small steps to a kitchen renovation.If you would like a full kitchen renovation for your home, get in touch with Keen Construction to speak to our designers and get started! We can’t wait to transform your kitchen.


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