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Commercial Construction Vancouver: The Many Sectors to Explore for Business


Our city has seen a boom in residential and commercial construction in recent years, with more and more neighbourhoods being redeveloped. During this time, there has also been an increase in both national and international investors choosing to invest in these new properties. 

When it comes to actually developing property, there is a multitude of sectors you could invest in. Keen is well-versed in working in a wide range of commercial industries and would be happy to get onboard your project. To schedule a free consultation with us and learn about our commercial construction Vancouver services, don’t hesitate to give us a call

Whether you’re looking at developing newly purchased land or renovating an old, worn-down building, it’s important to choose a sector that meets your venture goals. You can also learn about the Vancouver Sun’s tips for new commercial investors to maximize your chances of success.


With so many competing supermarket chains and global retail brands, it’s easy to get lost in the ocean of options. Companies offering commercial construction Vancouver must reimagine spaces to allow for an experience that can’t be replicated. Many facets must be reinvented in a way that shapes uniquely the consumer experience. At keen, we know the goal is to make a profit and our experienced team will do exactly what it takes to help you get the most ROI.


Restaurants are designed to offer an unmatched experience that’s comfortable, unique and inviting. When it comes to actually building them from the ground up, there are bylaws and regulations that only competent contractors will know. In addition, there are permits that only licensed professionals are able to obtain.

Industrial Warehouses

For businesses that have a manufacturing wing or need space for storing tools and equipment, a warehouse is necessary. These buildings will more often than not, have high ceilings that must comply with specific regulations. In addition, the storage of heavy machinery also requires specialized and custom-built housing.

Office Buildings

With Vancouver being a hotspot for both large and small, national and global corporations, our experience extends well into the office building sector. Whether you require a small space for your startup business or a multi-level structure, our experts can create a custom-tailored design plan for your venture.

Medical Facilities

The need for human and pet medical facilities like clinics and hospitals will never run short. When it comes to erecting them, location, size, budget, accessibility and accommodation all play a part in the success of such a high-traffic public structure. We will coordinate with subcontractors and other important figures in ensuring your investment is in safe hands.

Whether this is your first time investing in the commercial sector or you’re an experienced entrepreneur, Keen is at-the-ready. Our commercial construction Vancouver services are meant to help you realize your investment vision and push your venture into a success.


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