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Are you looking for a Langley custom construction company that can bring you the results you envision? KEEN construction is the team for the job. With decades of experience in the local industry, we help property owners turn their dreams into reality with custom design and quality construction. We use the highest industry standards, latest technology, and superior products to deliver a higher level of customer satisfaction. Our cutting-edge team is made of industry leaders who have a reputation for superior service, effective results, and quality. We work with integrity and honor to fulfill your needs and get you into your dream home in record time! 

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Custom Builds

KEEN custom designs residential construction of all sizes, scales and shapes – from single to multi-family homes. Our commitment to quality and superior craftsmanship ensure that we are building you not just a house, but a home. With KEEN Construction you will always receive dynamic, well-rounded service. From engineering expertise and technical skill to insight and advice based on decades of experience, we have the know-how to turn concepts into reality. Let our team of engineers, interior designers, and architects create your dream home.



Your home is your biggest investment. At KEEN Construction our team of experts will work with you to ensure your renovation is a success. Our extensive experience, detailed quoting process and attention to detail all work together to provide a superior renovation experience; one where transparency is key. From inception to completion, KEEN Construction is your choice for quality renovations you will look forward to  coming home to.


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Commercial Tenant Improvement

Location, location, location. Sign the paperwork and let KEEN take it from there. Share your vision with us  and we will make it a reality. From the first renderings to the official opening, KEEN will work with you every step of the way, ensuring your commercial space speaks to your brand and vision. You will enjoy clear and constant  communication, a dedicated on-site project manager, accurate budgeting and detailed scheduling. Get started today!


Project Management

An experienced Project Manager is key to your project’s success. At KEEN our Project Management team has decades of expertise to guide your project seamlessly and successfully from start to finish. Contact us today and discover project management the way it should be —discover the KEEN difference.


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Interior Design

Great interior design requires imagination, balance and experience. KEEN Construction is on the leading edge of innovative materials, furnishings, lighting, textiles and home decor. Our talented team of interior designers are dedicated to the highest level of detail, quality and creative expression. We are committed to translating vision into reality and believe in helping to strengthen your business identity, or create the ideal home, through thoughtful design.


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