Ways You’re Making Your Home Look Cheap

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We’ve all done it! We primp, fluff, arrange, and rearrange our home to create a place we can enjoy – one we want and are proud to show off. Obviously it’s a known fact that your home isn’t going to look like a magazine (unless you’re Monika Hibbs or Jillian Harris), you’re not helping your home out if you’re doing these classic mistakes. Stop doing these and your home will start to look like a million bucks (or a fraction of that).

1. Lighting

Lighting really is everything! Have you ever walked into a dingy lit bathroom and just felt kind of gross even though it’s well decorated? Layer your lighting sources to create a natural and appealing glow in any space. Mix and match – floor lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, as each light serves a specific and appealing task.

2. Your Rug isn’t doing the space justice

If your rug is too-small or too-big it automatically ruins the balance and layout of your space. Did you know layering rugs is a thing? If you love a smaller patterned rug why not place it atop a larger neutral one to create new depth and proportion? Too complex… then just stick to one rug that will go in your space – make sure you measure so you know exactly what will fit!

3. Your colours are not jiving

Not everything has to be neutral in your home… on the other hand not everything needs to be bright. If you have competing colours (walls, decorations, furniture) the room becomes too saturated and the eye has no idea what to focus on.

If you’re not a designer (like most of us) stick to the rule of two or three colours in your palette. Pinterest is great to get inspiration and to see what colour swatches compliment each other.

4. Your walls are TOO blank

If you’ve been following trends lately you’ll have noticed people living a more minimalistic lifestyle (clothing and household items wise). However, that doesn’t mean you need to keep the walls in your home completely blank. If you’re a renter this can make your space more “homey”.

You can add art, mirrors, a gallery wall – something that is bold and possibly bigger to take up more blank space.

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