Top 5 Ways to Repurpose Pallets

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Pallets are everywhere! They’re extremely versatile and can honestly be refurbished into a lot of cool different pieces of furniture or decoration for your home. Plus if you’re lucky you may be able to score some for free.  A lot of big warehouses leave them on the side of the road or by recycling bins since they have so many of them. Here is your chance to do something creative with them!

Here are our top 5 ways to repurpose a pallet:

1. Coffee Table
There are many different ways to create a coffee table out of a pallet. Keep it in its entire state, cut the centre out, you name it. Spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint or stain, add a glass top if you want more of a classy look.

2. Outdoor patio furniture
This has to be the most common thing people use pallets for. They can make a makeshift deck if you don’t have a lot of space or can be used to make an outdoor couch! Stack a few on top of each other and put some cushions down, voila!

3. Bedframe
A pallet bed frame is something more unique then your traditional tables and chairs, it’s totally in style and the shape can keep your room that contemporary feel you like. Wonder how you’d assemble this? The single face skids will be joined to form the bed platform and the large boards have been turned into the headboards. Or to make life easier you can simply just lay a few pallet’s down and that is the base of your bed.

4. Coffee Mug Holder
We know you need a place to put your cup of coffee on (that’s why a coffee table is in this list), but what about a place to hang all your precious and collectible coffee mugs? Mount some hooks onto the boards of the pallet and secure the board to the wall!

5. Planter Box
Now with the weather forecast showing lots of sun, it’s time to put that green thumb to work. Be creative on how you want your planter box to lay – flat on the ground, or create a wall piece, where vines could grow out of.

What is something you’d make if you had pallets? Let us know!

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