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Wines are like people. There is an endless variety of different styles, personalities and expressions. Some wines are more resilient to external pressures, while others require ideal environments to thrive for an extended period. There are many great reasons to invest in a proper wine storage system, and a proper cellar can benefit the budding wine enthusiast and seasoned, serious collector alike.

Wines, like many people, crave stability. Any changes in light, temperature, humidity or vibration negatively effect how a wine ages. It is very difficult to control these factors without investing in a wine cellar. Investing in a wine cellar is a bit like buying insurance on your home. Once you have acquired your prized possession in the form of a wine collection, you want to ensure that it is safe, and can in fact evolve and improve.

Cellars come in all shapes and sizes, from vaulted ceilings that hold over 20,000 bottles, to small storage cellars for home collectors that act as much as artistic décor as wine preservation systems.

The best thing about deciding to invest in a wine cellar is that you can create one that is tailored to your personal needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of investing in a wine cellar:


A very common problem for wine collectors is having too much wine that lacks organization. This can lead to wines moving past their peak drinking windows before the are opened. Having a cellar with proper storage and racking allows collectors to organize their collections by country, region, vintage and more. This will ensure that the right bottles are opened at the right times.

Quality control

While it is true that not all wines improve with age, having a proper cellar ensures that each and every wine is stored in a way that allows it to show its true potential. And for those wines at do improve with age, you ensure that you will reap the rewards of patiently ageing them when the time is right to pop the cork.

Aesthetic appeal

Your wine cellar will likely be your favorite new part of your home. Whether it is a full wine cellar, or a modular wine wall, your wine storage solution adds beauty and intrigue to your home. They can act as strong design statements, as well as conversation starters when company comes over. What better way to impress friends and family than with a beautifully designed and lit room, filled with vinous treasure!

Return on investment:

Not only can a wine cellar save you money, it can actually make you money! A wine cellar has the ability to add resale value to your home. It also can hold collector wines that will rise in value over time. Wine cellars also ensure that the wine you purchased remains drinkable when you open it. Nothing is worse than waiting years to open a great wine, only to find that it has oxidized and isn’t able to be enjoyed.


The notion that wine cellars are only for the rich and famous simply isn’t true. Many people are installing wine cellars that fit their needs in unused parts of their homes. What better way to turn an unused space into a place that you truly enjoy?

If you are interested in hearing more about incesting in your dream wine cellar, contact Keen Cellars today

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