Successful Commercial Interior Design Tips for Your Small Business

by | Apr 21, 2020

Commercial interior design is a whole other beast when compared to residential interior design. It requires thorough thought and future planning in regards to the business’ current needs and how those needs may develop and change in the future. Let’s take a look at some commercial interior design guidelines we take into account when designing the interiors of our local businesses.

Multi-Use & Versatile

In commercial spaces it’s normal for things to shift, change and get moved around. One day you may be operating as a regular restaurant and the next, hosting an event. Keep things versatile with the ability to be converted, especially in places like malls, airports or shopping centres.

Implement Technology Where Possible

Implementing enough outlets and various other technological additions is vital in a commercial space. A popular option for food service places like cafes and restaurants is to have an outlet by every table, making it easy for customers to plug in their phone without having to look for a charger elsewhere.

Ability to Stay On-Trend While Staying On-Brand

If you think about retail shops or malls, for example, their window displays and interior decorating changes regularly according to the season or time of year. This is because it was designed in a way where the basic structure, colour palette and branding of the company remains unaffected, while multiple areas of the site were made to be adapted and changed throughout the year. This can happen with things like chandeliers, window displays, hanging wall art, or large vases and flower installations in places like hotels and spas.

Make Customers Feel at Home

This may not be first priority for your own home, but for commercial businesses like hotels, spas and even cafes, giving customers a relatable experience is pivotal. It gives them an experience similar to what they would get at home, but better. Again, things like outlets, personalized resting areas with comfortable seating where customers can kick back and relax, as well as cozy, homey touches throughout the space really make a difference.

If you’re on the market for commercial interior design by a decorator that is well-versed in customizing properties for commercial use and our unique target audience, get in touch with us.