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Just like the changing seasons so are the ever changing design trends that we shape our homes and wardrobes after. As we are now in full swing of 2017 many of the following trends show no signs of slowing down and have gained quite the popularity amongst homeowners.

Here are some trends to get on-board with this spring to give your home a new look for this season (and ones that will blend well into the summer months).

1. Succulent

If you don’t already have these gorgeous little plants in your home or in your garden you’re definitely missing out. These unique and simple looking plants add a unique and timeless look in your home or garden if you’re not wanting a ton of different colours that come with flowers. Plus if you aren’t good with gardening, these guys are extremely low maintenance and require very little water to survive making them perfect for those hot spring and summer months.

2. Tropical Themes

Despite the long winter Vancouverites endured the tropical prints and patterns have emerged early this year. Exotic and bright printed patterns, large floral prints, and statement wallpapers are bringing Palm Springs and Mexico back into people’s homes.

If you’re wanting to tone down the desert vibes, dress up your patio with cute cactuses, pineapple or coconut cups, or funky printed pillows to add a fun yet tame amount to your home. Better yet get some fun floaties for the pool and call it a day.

3. Shades of Blue

If you weren’t aware of the spring “it” colour for your home and anything to add a pop of colour blue is to colour choice of 2017. Blue can be extremely vibrant but also sublet if paired correctly with the rest of your home. For instance if you’re following the clean and classy trend of everything white – having a pop of blue dishware or cooking accessories can give you kitchen that extra oomf it needs. Or add an accent pillow that is cobalt or royal blue to give a focal point to your living room.

4. Boho Is Back

Influenced by 1970’s design and bits from the 1980’s, the boho look typically includes natural elements, colorful, layered textiles and a more casual laid back feel. If you’re wanting to get that boho vibe back make sure to have the following in your home: statement artwork or wall hanging, different kinds of prints, vintage mirrors, shag rugs, lots of flowers and plants.

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