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If you’re like me and you practically live outdoors when the summer months approach, you’re going to want a space that you’re just as comfortable with as you would indoors. People are starting to get creative and fancy when it comes to decorating their outdoor living spaces – including adding a full on kitchen (or sprucing up the one that’s already built in). Now we know this isn’t feasible for everyone since it can get costly, however one can dream right?

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Before starting the design process make a list of your ‘must-have’ items, whether it be a pizza oven to a full functioning bar. This will keep your vision and potentially budget in check. If you are wanting to keep this project cost effective there are many alternatives, such as prefab kitchen kits or the good ol’ DIY installations (who needs a contractor anyways?).

What’s a prefab kit you ask? This handy kit can include things such as stainless steel cabinets (perfect for outdoors so they don’t rust), countertops, company refrigerators, and so much more. If you go this option it’ll definitely save you time and money.

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Here is a list of some great ways to spruce up your BBQ and outdoor kitchen area:

– pizza oven
– gas cooktop
– built in BBQ with an island
– a nice dining area (built in gazebo)
– swim up bar (*if you have a pool)
– outdoor lighting
– wood burning fire pit
– sophisticated outdoor furniture (wicker set, with nice seat cushions)
– the addition of plants and flowers

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