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People spend the most time in their kitchens; cooking, entertaining, and making memories. A kitchen should be designed around the unique needs of a person or family, taking into account functionality without excluding form. Luxury can be practical and at KEEN Construction, there lives a dedication to transforming kitchens into spaces reflective of every clients’ lifestyle, while being an aesthetically beautiful space they will love being in.

Investing in the Future

When embarking on a major home remodel, homeowners should first consider whether a substantial return on investment (ROI) will be generated. A comprehensive kitchen remodel can add thousands of dollars of value to your home, and is one of the first areas that should be tackled, especially if selling is in the works. An average kitchen remodel can produce a payback of anywhere between 50-80 percent depending on the square footage and materials used.

Built to Last Generations

KEEN Construction has a core belief that quality makes all the difference. Whether an avid chef, a home cook or lover of all-things-food, every kitchen deserves the very best. KEEN is able to provide clients with the highest quality materials sourced from tried and true suppliers, thoughtful service and consistent support throughout the duration of their remodelling journey, as well as after completion. The kitchens remodeled should be places that every family will be proud to create memories in and pass down to the next generation.

A Promise in Safety

Out of date kitchens not only lose their aesthetic beauty, but can oftentimes become hazardous. Old appliances become unsafe, kitchens built during the 1970’s can contain asbestos as well as other toxic materials, and energy-efficiency is minimal. A proper, well thought out remodel can save clients thousands of dollars annually in energy costs, offer increased sustainability through the use of eco-friendly and recycled or reclaimed materials, and added storage.


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