Top 5 Benefits of wine storage


Wines are like people. There is an endless variety of different styles, personalities and expressions. Some wines are more resilient to external pressures, while others require ideal environments to thrive for an extended period. There are many great reasons to invest in a proper wine storage system, and a proper cellar can benefit the budding wine enthusiast and seasoned, serious collector alike.

Wines, like many people, crave stability. Any changes in light, temperature, humidity or vibration negatively effect how a wine ages. It is very difficult to control these factors without investing in a wine cellar. Investing in a wine cellar is a bit like buying insurance on your home. Once you have acquired your prized possession in the form of a wine collection, you want to ensure that it is safe, and can in fact evolve and improve.

Cellars come in all shapes and sizes, from vaulted ceilings that hold over 20,000 bottles, to small storage cellars for home collectors that act as much as artistic décor as wine preservation systems.

The best thing about deciding to invest in a wine cellar is that you can create one that is tailored to your personal needs.

Here are some of the top benefits of investing in a wine cellar:


A very common problem for wine collectors is having too much wine that lacks organization. This can lead to wines moving past their peak drinking windows before the are opened. Having a cellar with proper storage and racking allows collectors to organize their collections by country, region, vintage and more. This will ensure that the right bottles are opened at the right times.

Quality control

While it is true that not all wines improve with age, having a proper cellar ensures that each and every wine is stored in a way that allows it to show its true potential. And for those wines at do improve with age, you ensure that you will reap the rewards of patiently ageing them when the time is right to pop the cork.

Aesthetic appeal

Your wine cellar will likely be your favorite new part of your home. Whether it is a full wine cellar, or a modular wine wall, your wine storage solution adds beauty and intrigue to your home. They can act as strong design statements, as well as conversation starters when company comes over. What better way to impress friends and family than with a beautifully designed and lit room, filled with vinous treasure!

Return on investment:

Not only can a wine cellar save you money, it can actually make you money! A wine cellar has the ability to add resale value to your home. It also can hold collector wines that will rise in value over time. Wine cellars also ensure that the wine you purchased remains drinkable when you open it. Nothing is worse than waiting years to open a great wine, only to find that it has oxidized and isn’t able to be enjoyed.


The notion that wine cellars are only for the rich and famous simply isn’t true. Many people are installing wine cellars that fit their needs in unused parts of their homes. What better way to turn an unused space into a place that you truly enjoy?

If you are interested in hearing more about incesting in your dream wine cellar, contact Keen Cellars today

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Summer Spring Trends – Keen Construction – Vancouver Home Decor

If you think it’s too late to throw up some new decorations for the last stretch of summer, think again! First of all, all summer decor items are on sale. Fall will bring new colours, new patterns and room needs to be made in-store for new stock. Who doesn’t like to save?

Below are some simple and easy things you can do to transform a space. You don’t need to break the bank to turn heads.

Here are some last minute summer redecorating tips:

white rock decor1). Add pops of colour

Throw blankets
Area rugs
Cups / plates behind
glass cabinetry 

West Vancouver Reno2). Bring furniture outdoors

Continue colour outdoors
Red goes well against a stained wood

3). Paint your outdoor furniture

Add a colourful pop to wicker furniture
Throw some of it on your front porch
Buy colourful new cushions


Fort Langley Outdoor Living4). Create an outdoor napping nook

A hammock in the shade
A bright bench with cushions
Anything under a tree





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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Keen Construction – Vancouver Construction

If you’re like me and you practically live outdoors when the summer months approach, you’re going to want a space that you’re just as comfortable with as you would indoors. People are starting to get creative and fancy when it comes to decorating their outdoor living spaces – including adding a full on kitchen (or sprucing up the one that’s already built in). Now we know this isn’t feasible for everyone since it can get costly, however one can dream right?

Vancouver Kitchens

Before starting the design process make a list of your ‘must-have’ items, whether it be a pizza oven to a full functioning bar. This will keep your vision and potentially budget in check. If you are wanting to keep this project cost effective there are many alternatives, such as prefab kitchen kits or the good ol’ DIY installations (who needs a contractor anyways?).

What’s a prefab kit you ask? This handy kit can include things such as stainless steel cabinets (perfect for outdoors so they don’t rust), countertops, company refrigerators, and so much more. If you go this option it’ll definitely save you time and money.

Whiterock Construction

Here is a list of some great ways to spruce up your BBQ and outdoor kitchen area:

– pizza oven
– gas cooktop
– built in BBQ with an island
– a nice dining area (built in gazebo)
– swim up bar (*if you have a pool)
– outdoor lighting
– wood burning fire pit
– sophisticated outdoor furniture (wicker set, with nice seat cushions)
– the addition of plants and flowers

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How to make your summer pool party stand out | Lower Mainland Home Design

Oh summer – how it has been long anticipated due to a long and cold winter front that seemed to drag on. With the sunshine finally making an appearance and kids being out of school, what better excuse to throw a killer pool party?

Grab your favourite snacks, hamburger toppings, and those “adult” drinks the kids always want to try and throw an epic day at the pool with your favourite family and friends. We aren’t talking just your typical chips with dip and hot dogs – or those dreaded pool noodles. It’s time to make your pool parties stand out and we’re here to give you all the best ‘tips and tricks’ to do just that. From decor to the pool amenities, people are going to be talking about how much fun they had at your house.

Ideas to Make Your Pool Party Stand Out:

– Send out some “tropical” themed invitations. I don’t know about you, but I love getting mail – especially when it’s a personalized invitation to an event or party.

– Throw up some paper lanterns. They’re extremely ‘in’ right now and at night will add an extra dimension and pretty scenery once the sun starts to set.

– Set up some decor around your backyard and the pool to give it an extra sense of flair

– Get creative with your drinks: have a signature cocktail that guests can sip on and add some fun garnish or silly straws to stand out.

– Be creative with your food menu: keep it within the theme (if your pool party has one)

– Fun games – such as pool volleyball or basketball: nothing is more fun than getting in the water and playing a good competitive game against your friends. Yes floating is also nice, but let’s get interactive with adults and the kiddos.

– Give your gifts a send off gift: whether it be a bag of sweet treats or a baked good it’s always nice to thank someone for coming over.

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Spring Trends | Langley Home Design

Just like the changing seasons so are the ever changing design trends that we shape our homes and wardrobes after. As we are now in full swing of 2017 many of the following trends show no signs of slowing down and have gained quite the popularity amongst homeowners.

Here are some trends to get on-board with this spring to give your home a new look for this season (and ones that will blend well into the summer months).

1. Succulent

If you don’t already have these gorgeous little plants in your home or in your garden you’re definitely missing out. These unique and simple looking plants add a unique and timeless look in your home or garden if you’re not wanting a ton of different colours that come with flowers. Plus if you aren’t good with gardening, these guys are extremely low maintenance and require very little water to survive making them perfect for those hot spring and summer months.

2. Tropical Themes

Despite the long winter Vancouverites endured the tropical prints and patterns have emerged early this year. Exotic and bright printed patterns, large floral prints, and statement wallpapers are bringing Palm Springs and Mexico back into people’s homes.

If you’re wanting to tone down the desert vibes, dress up your patio with cute cactuses, pineapple or coconut cups, or funky printed pillows to add a fun yet tame amount to your home. Better yet get some fun floaties for the pool and call it a day.

3. Shades of Blue

If you weren’t aware of the spring “it” colour for your home and anything to add a pop of colour blue is to colour choice of 2017. Blue can be extremely vibrant but also sublet if paired correctly with the rest of your home. For instance if you’re following the clean and classy trend of everything white – having a pop of blue dishware or cooking accessories can give you kitchen that extra oomf it needs. Or add an accent pillow that is cobalt or royal blue to give a focal point to your living room.

4. Boho Is Back

Influenced by 1970’s design and bits from the 1980’s, the boho look typically includes natural elements, colorful, layered textiles and a more casual laid back feel. If you’re wanting to get that boho vibe back make sure to have the following in your home: statement artwork or wall hanging, different kinds of prints, vintage mirrors, shag rugs, lots of flowers and plants.

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How to pick your contractor | Lower Mainland Construction

It’s that time of year – the weather is becoming nicer and people are wanting to start tackling home renovations. But before you jump into your next big home improvement project, choosing the right contractor to assist and make all your dream visions come true is vital.

Here are some key factors to take into consideration when choosing your go-to:

1. Get Recommendations & Referrals
Asking around is going to be your first step. If you have friends and family who have used a contractor they are going to be the best people to talk too on how they chose theirs and if they’d likely recommend. Make sure to ask friends via social media and read up on reviews.

2. Ask & check for references
Most people have portfolios of work via their websites – if not, make sure to ask the contractor to see past projects. If you are liking what you see, request references or contact the past clients and ask about their experience and satisfaction. Were they on time? On budget? How was the outcome? It is better to ask more than less!

3. Make sure they are licensed, bonded & insured
Right off the bat you need to make sure the company is insured with Worksafebc against claims covering worker’s compensation, property damage, and personal liability in the case of an accident. A license is important key – this proves and shows the contractor has taken the appropriate exams in knowing building codes and processes. If none of the above is noted you will be at fault for any incidents that occur.

4. Get everything in writing. 

Read and understand the contract before signing. Get everything promised and decided in writing. Include start and end date, price point, any stipulations etc. This way if something happens you have a security net to fall back on.

5. Go with your gut
You’ve talked to a few people, all references have checked out, credentials, all are within the same price/budget, now to decide. You want the person working for you to feel right. If you are torn between two go with your gut… you want someone you’re comfortable working with and to have in your home.

Know of some other great tips?! We’d love to hear them.

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