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With an acute attention to detail and a passion for perfection, KEEN Construction will work to create a space for you that meets your every need and matches your unique lifestyle. Renovating is a fraction of the cost and allows clients to fully customize their home to suit their wants and needs. In order to meet their critical budget goals, timely, cost-sensitive estimates and solutions are provided to ensure full alignment with their every need. Tried and tested time management strategies are implemented in the construction process to ensure every project is completed with minimal delay. For optimal clarity, the team of designers and builders use the latest technology and software to help clients feel connected to the designs and visualize their project before it is completed.

Home Renovation Vancouver

Working In Harmony

An entire home renovation is a large-scale project that can start off simple in theory, but is actually a complex web of planning, possibilities and unforeseen challenges. A multi-step process to transforming properties into dream homes thrives off of the collaborative process which allows the engineers, architects, designers and clients to work together and create something truly magical.


Old Meets New

A home is one’s special place, and KEEN treats every space as if it were their own. No matter the size of the build and remodel, KEEN Construction will always put its best foot forward in innovatively rethinking old standards and entering a new era of creative construction. This is achieved by challenging and delivering maximum value, risk management and surpassing industry competition to get clients to where they want to be.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Across the firm, the collective of diversely skilled and talented professionals are able to deliver completed projects with the utmost quality, timeliness and budget considerations. An intimate knowledge of construction logistics, processes, requirements and material technology allows the team to create unparalleled spaces for clients. This allows for their needs and requirements to be translated into a language that brings the construction team clarity and design intent so they can deliver the sought after outcomes.



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