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At KEEN Construction, uniquely tailored solutions are developed to solve the most pivotal design and architectural challenges of clients and the world around them. KEEN Construction is a design and construction company Vancouver that unites a dynamic team of industry specialists, architects, designers and builders; providing expert advice, professionalism and a carefully crafted final result that will exceed client expectations. The in-house collective of innovative, forward-thinking minds work together to design and build spaces that are custom-tailored to meet the unique needs of the client. We take care of every detail from concept to completion ensures that full control over every aspect of a project is maintained, helping to keep the highest standards and deliver the best possible service quality.

Through an acute focus on solving the challenges faced by clients, KEEN Construction develops solutions formed by a synergy of diverse ideas, expansion of knowledge and abundance of experience. Together, with this fusion of skill and specialized research, the experts at construction company Vancouver are able to generate ideas which they are then able to apply with intention and understanding. This paves the way for delivering optimum performance, positioning clients at the peak placement for success, and making creations that will adapt to change and withstand the test of time.

Construction Company Vancouver


KEEN Construction’s philosophy is central to the ability to leverage innovative design concepts and explore new ideas that will transform the Vancouver architectural landscape.


We strive to deliver high quality, innovative design + build solutions that respond to each clients’ unique needs and requirements.


At the heart of the construction company lies a set of core values that carry the foundation upon which the practice was built. These values help to implement and maintain a multidisciplinary approach to solving the important challenges faced by everyday people and spaces.

To Collaborate

In order to collaborate well, a shared understanding of ourselves and each other must first exist. Clear goals are set and teamwork helps members work with each other’s strengths, allowing space for all ideas, and using unique streamlining processes that maximize efficiency.

To Inspire

The essence of inspiration thrives on sparking meaning in everyday life. Inspiring the community, clients, and each other in the pursuit of creating delightful and rewarding moments for everyone that gets to experience the spaces we design and build is crucial.



To Influence

To implement meaningful architecture is to understand the relationship between design and psychology. The collective at KEEN Construction is well versed in the spectrum of elements that influence the way people interact with the elements of a space – be it public or private.

To Innovate

The only constant in life is change. There is a belief that in order to keep work at a consistently high standard and the quality of projects at the peak of innovation, there must always be an improvement with the changing needs of society. KEEN Construction strives to challenge traditional models of design and conventional views in order to always push the envelope of innovation.

To Resolve

The dedication to resolving the challenges faced by clients and society by creating meaningful, one-of-a-kind design solutions is an inherent part of KEEN Construction. Through careful strategy and a colourful prism of cultures, experiences and perspectives, projects that embody the meaning of intentional architecture are built.


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