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KEEN Construction is a Home Builders Vancouver  firm that unites a dynamic team of industry specialists, architects, designers and builders. Together, they use a multidisciplinary approach to form an intricate web of the innovation, creativity, and expertise required for a one-of-a-kind project. With decades of combined experience and a genuine passion for satisfying the needs of clients through high quality, custom-tailored and meaningful results, something truly special is created. Construction Company Vancouver >


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Interior Design

A timeless expression of form.

Architecture, as with interior design, is an intentional unification of materials, energy, and imagination – a once non-existent idea brought into expression. KEEN Construction’s approach to building dream properties revolves around creating designs that help clients better interact with the world around them and serve purpose and function.

Our home builders work is defined by the ability to leverage a different approach to design which explores new ideas and challenges old ones.


Residential Constructions

Homes that enrich the community.

Whether a small scale or large scale residential remodel project, meaningful design should allow people to fully experience the nature and light of a space. Aiming to maximize the functionality of a structure through an acute attention to detail, consideration and thoughtful intention,At KEEN Construction home builders Vancouver combines tried and true methods with current innovations to build forever homes for families.

KEEN Construction is committed to transforming properties into ones that fully resonate with the unique needs of their clients in order to deliver the desired outcome.


Commercial Constructions

Design that Maximizes sales and productivity.

With a tight focus on industry-specific legalities, by-laws and government requirements, KEEN Construction manages every aspect of a project with the utmost precision, knowledge and support. A comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach ensures budgets or agreed-upon completion dates have not been crossed.

KEEN Construction’s approach to commercial construction is reflected in its passion for helping business owners and entrepreneurs alike turn their dreams into realities with spaces in harmony with their vision.



Functional and inspiring design solution 

KEEN Construction home builders Vancouver specialists transforms houses into homes. An experienced collective of industry professionals and creatives collaborate on projects to listen to clients’ unique needs, find innovative solutions to their everyday challenges and build something truly out of the ordinary.

A house becomes a home when every individual room, decoration and piece of furniture intertwines with one another to create a harmonious, seamless space that communicates unity and balance.



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